Photo Gallery

We assembled this photo gallery for those of you who have wanted to know about the history of the Bodhi Tree Bookstore or are curious about what we look like now. Some people have wanted to see what the neighborhood, the building, and the interior rooms look like, while others wanted to know about the actual bodhi tree (ficus religiosa). Many people, of course, were interested in the Bodhi Tree cat and what the staff person behind the voice looks like.

All this and more are explored in the following portfolios. We have selected the best and most comprehensive pictures we could find in our archives. We hope you find it more than interesting and you can share with us the joy and spirituality we feel comes through our bookstore as part of our dedication to provide comprehensive selection, service and friendship.

The quality of the photos varies widely. Some are old Polaroids or box camera snap shots while others are professional pictures, and more recently, they come from a digital camera. For the Bodhi Tree Bookstore through the Ages and Bodhi Tree Cat through the Ages photo galleries, we are providing the pictures in two formats: a medium size of about 200 to 400 pixels and a large size of about 800 or so pixels. Subsequent photo galleries have a single size photos of about 300 pixels.

Photo Gallery Table of Contents:


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